ČSI inspection report

The Česko Britská Základní Škola is the sister school of PBS through which the Bilingual Programme (Czech and English) is offered. The ČBZŠ was inspected by the Czech Inspectorate (CSI) in 2012.

CSI assesses the extent to which the educational activities of the school are in accordance with the regulations, decrees and required standards issued by the Czech Ministry of Education.

The assessment covers three main categories:

  • School’s current status
  • Pupils’ achievements, learning, attitudes and skills in relation to the school curriculum
  • School’s documentation as required by the Education Act

and seven sub-categories:

  • Governance, Leadership & Management
  • Teaching staff, contribution of teaching & curriculum
  • Spiritual, moral, social and cultural development
  • Welfare, health & safety
  • Financial provisions
  • Material and technical base

Links with the parents

Each of these categories / subcategories is graded according to the following scale: "Excellent", "Good", "Satisfactory"

The Česko Britská Základní Škola was graded as EXCELLENT in all categories and subcategories.

We are proud of the results achieved, as there are not many schools in the Czech Republic that can boast this excellent rating in all areas.