Admissions FAQ

Please find answers to some of the Admissions Frequently Asked Questions:

What are the maximum class sizes?

In the Primary School the maximum class size is 20 (18 in CBZS). There are three classes in each year group (2 x PBS classes and 1 x CBZS class). This is the case at both Kamyk and Vlastina. The average Primary class size is currently 16. In the Senior School the maximum number in a registration class is 25 (the average is 20). In practice the actual number in any subject class is less than this as students are in different groups for different subjects.

Which nationalities are represented at PBS?

There are 58 nationalities represented. The majority of these nationalities are represented by fewer than 10 students at PBS. Nationalities with more than 10 students are: Czech, British, Russian, Korean, Polish, Vietnamese, Dutch, Ukrainian, Slovakian, American, Chinese, Hungarian, Italian, Japanese, French and German.

What is the student turnover?

It is between 15 – 20% per annum. This means that in your child’s class of 20 you would expect 3 or 4 children to move on in any given 12 month period.

Where are the staff from? What is the staff turnover?

All PBS teaching staff and Heads are from native English speaking countries. The vast majority are from the UK, however we also have staff from Canada, USA, Australia and New Zealand. Language teachers are native speakers of their subject language (French/German/Spansih/Czech). We have approximately 120 teaching staff, all of whom stay for a minimum of 2 years, and many of whom have been at the school for more than 5 years. For the last 3 years the average staff turnover has been less than 5%.

Is there a space for my child?

Please contact the admissions office to check for availability. We will be able to give you the current availability as well as an estimate of future availability based on new enrolments and notifications of withdrawal.

What is the policy in placement according to age?

In the UK children normally start Year 1 when they are aged 5. This is earlier than in many countries. We normally place students in the appropriate (British) Year group according to their age. This means students aged 5 before the start of the year join Year 1, those aged 6 join Year 2, etc.

Primary children joining the Bilingual Prorgamme (CBZS) are expected to start PBS in Year 1, ie at the age of 5. This is the equivalent of a 'preparatory class' in the Czech system. While it is possible to join in Year 2 or later, this is at the discretion of the school and pupils will be assessed accordingly at entry.

For children joining us from different educational systems we will make a recommendation on placement based on the information provided by parents, such as recent school reports. We are happy to discuss placement with prospective parents and may also contact a child’s current school as part of the process. We will always make a recommendation based on what we believe to be in the best interest of the child.

My child doesn’t speak (much) English. Will he/she cope?

Yes! With so many nationalities represented by our 920 students we have a lot of experience teaching children English. It is not possible to say how long it takes before a student is proficient in English as it can be anything from a few weeks to many months.

For details on EAL (English as an Additional Language) provision please use these links: Primary School Senior School

Will my child have to sit an entrance test?

We are an open enrolment school and, as such, there is no entrance test. All students applying to enter Year 7 and above must take either a language assessment (non-native English speakers) or a maths/literature assessment (native English speakers) before starting at PBS. Students applying to join the IB programme are required to pass the required number of IGCSE exams (or recognised equivalent) as published on the school website for a given school year.

How can I reserve a place?

Please click here

Do you offer bus transport?

Yes, please click here for more information.

Where do PBS students generally live in Prague?

You can see maps showing which neighbourhoods are popular with Kamyk Primary, Vlastina and Senior Students here.

The catchment areas for our two Primary Schools naturally tend to be divided by the river Vltava. Most families attending Vlastina School live in Prague 6 and Prague 5 (especially Střešovice, Břevnov, Dejvice and Nebušice). The commuter village of Pruhonice is especially popular with Kamyk families as well as Prague 4 (Modřany, Hodkovičky, Braník and Podoli), Prague 2 (Vinohrady ) and Prague 10 (Vršovice). Some families choose to live right in the centre of Prague in Old Town, New Town or Mala Strana. It is possible to commute to either site from these central areas.

Students attending the Senior School in Kamyk travel from all over the city of Prague and surrounding areas.

Do you offer scholarships?

We offer 2 limited scholarship programmes as part of our cooperation with the Prague 12 and Prague 6 district councils. For more information please click on 'scholarships' in the menu on the left.

Are there any discounts available from the school fees?

We offer a sibling discount to families paying annually and enrolling more than one child. A discount of 5% is offered for a second child. Third and subsequent children benefit from a 10% discount.

My child is starting during the school year but I wish to pay yearly. Is this possible?

Yes, you can still choose the annual rate of tuition fee even if your child is not starting at the beginning of the year. We will calculate the tuition fees on a pro rata basis on the number of weeks they will attend in the initial school year.

Do you offer accommodation?

No, there is no boarding facility at PBS.

We are a Czech family with a Primary age child. What option is best for us? PBS or CBZS?

There is no correct answer to this question. All the children who attend CBZS are Czech, however there are also Czechs that follow the PBS curriculum. It will depend on how you, as parents, want your child to be educated. Our school Heads and the Admissions team are happy to discuss the two options with you.

How should we prepare our child for the first day at PBS?

We provide all of the educational materials that your child will need throughout their time at PBS. We will send you a (short) list of practical items that your child will need to bring on the first day. For PE you will need to buy a PE kit from the school office and, if appropriate, arrange for school lunches (both can be arranged on the first day of school).

Of course the most important thing is to reassure your child that PBS teachers and children are very used to welcoming new students to the class!