How to Apply

Applications to the Prague British School are accepted all year round and students often start during the course of the school year. There is no deadline for applications.

In order to enrol your child at PBS:

Step 1

Contact the Admissions Office and inform them that you are interested in possible enrolment. We will be able to tell you about current and projected availability of places.

Step 2

Normally, families then arrange a personal visit to the school. This can be with or without children. A visit can last anything from 30 minutes to several hours.

You are welcome to arrange as many follow up visits as you like and we are happy to have your children spend a day (or half a day) with their prospective class where possible. Some families choose to take advantage of this as part of the decision making process. Others prefer to make the decision and then have their children spend time at the school to help them adjust to the planned relocation.

While most families do visit the school, this is not a condition to enrolment.

Step 3

Complete the Application Booklet (one for each child – see below) and submit this along with the following documents to the Admissions Office:

The most recent school reports (translated into English) for your child
Copy of your child´s immunisation record from your doctor OR medical details (SECTION 5) confirmed by your doctor

Passport sized photograph (with the name on reverse)

We can proceed with the enrolment on the basis of electronic versions of these documents, however we will ask you to send printed signed copies for our records.

Step 4

Upon receipt of these documents from you we will issue an invoice for the Application Fee (10 000CZK per child). If your child is starting soon after the time of Application (ie. after the time that tuition fee invoices are issued for this period) you will also receive an invoice for the tuition fee for the initial period at this time.

Upon payment of the Application Fee the place is confirmed as being reserved for your child. Please note, it is not possible to reserve a place without payment of the Application Fee.

Before starting at PBS

You will receive all of the practical information that you need for your child to start school by email. You will also receive an information pack by post where possible.

Finally, we understand that relocating a family can be an administrative challenge! Where possible we will be flexible with the above procedure. Please just contact the admissions office if you have any questions.