Czech lessons in the Primary School

For Non-Czech Speakers

For non Czech speakers in Year 1 - 6 there is a single Czech lesson per week as part of the timetable. The lessons are fun and include theme-based activities such as games, singing and art.

The aim of the lessons is to enable all children to have a basic Czech vocabulary as well as an understanding of the place where they are living.

For native Czech speakers

For Czech nationals and other fluent speakers of Czech we run the 'Czech Programme'. This includes instruction of selected subjects in Czech for pupils with Czech nationality/native speakers as a part of their compulsory education. The programme is based on the national curriculum for the primary education in the Czech Republic and is governed by Act No. 561/2004 Coll., Section 38 – Satisfying Compulsory School Education in a Special Manner. 

The Czech Programme targets especially children with Czech nationality who are obliged to complete a 9-year school education at a school in the Czech Republic. The programme may also be attended by children of other nationalities who speak Czech fluently and are interested in completing education at a Czech primary school.

Which subjects are taught?

The main content of the education under the programme is Czech language  – grammar, writing and reading (literature later on), furthermore our world (originally the basics of humanities and natural sciences), and national history and geography – selected chapters from geography and history related to the Czech Republic.


Education under the Czech Programme is performed in the Primary School three times a week for 45 minutes; each lesson runs from 8:15 a.m. to 9.00 a.m. Pupils are assigned a classroom where lessons take place during the whole academic year. Their teachers are the teachers/class teachers of corresponding classes at CBZS who are responsible for the quality of education as well as for the level of achieved knowledge.

Organisation of Teaching

All children in Years 2 - 6 at PBS studying the Czech programme can be registered in the 'Cesko Britska Zakladni Skola' (our sister school that runs the Bilingual programme) as their regular school. Here, they complete their compulsory school education pursuant to Section 38.

The advantage of this step not only for parents but especially for children lies in the simplification of the final tests and especially the associated stress being decreased to the minimum level. Children are regular pupils of the classes at the CBZS in Kamýk and Vlastina, where they are taught by their class teachers of the CBZS (wherever it is possible) and tested by them as well. Examinations take place on a regular basis and during Czech language lessons. The examinations also include oral and written tests, e.g. dictation and grammar exercises, but also quarterly, biannual and final tests. In this way, a sufficient number of marks may be secured on the basis of which a teacher evaluates pupils at the end of the school year. A final oral examination is required only when a mark is borderline.

Children are assessed in the following subjects: Czech language (including reading and writing in the lower classes), the basics of humanities and natural sciences and national history and geography (now referred to as "man and his world"). Assessment is according to the classification scale 1 – 5. A report is issued by CBZS.

How are pupils assessed?

At the end of every year, students will receive a standard Czech report, providing their assessment with respect to the subjects taught in the academic year in question under the Czech Programme. Assessment shall be executed using the classification scale 1 – 5 (a report is issued by the CBZS)

Transfer to CBZS (classes 1 - 5, Year 2 - 6)

When you are interested in registering your child at CBZS (as a transfer from another primary school during Classes 1 – 5; Years 2 – 6), you have to fill in the documents listed below and send them together with a copy of the last Czech school report (where applicable) to the offices of both schools.

Forms to be filled in:

  • application for transfer/acceptance to CBZS
  • pupil information sheet
  • an application for satisfaction of compulsory school education pursuant to Section 38 (in a special manner)

Termination of attendance at CBZS during the primary stage (Years 2 – 6) and transfer to another primary school


  • In case you terminate attendance at CBZS in the course of the primary stage due to a change of residence, school, etc., you must fill in the “Cancellation of a Pupil’s Registration at CBZS” form.