Czech lessons in the Senior School

Transfer to the Senior School

Because the CBZS is a primary school providing the 1st level of education and its attendance is completed in the Class 5 (Year 6), pupils transferring to Year 7 (Senior School)  are re-registered, and our partner school – the Filosofská Senior School – becomes their regular school (of course, a pupil may also be registered at another Czech senior school). Here, pupils continue completing their compulsory school education until the required level, i.e. the Class 9 (Year 10).

Students are evaluated in the following subjects: Czech language (including literature), and the history and geography of the Czech Republic. Assessment is according to a classification scale ranging from excellent to fail. A report is issued by the Filosofská Senior School.

In case you decide to transfer to another Czech senior school after having completed Year 6, the corresponding study programme application will be confirmed for you.

Lesson Schedule in the Czech Programme

Education under the Czech Programme at the PBS Senior School is performed three times a week in the Classes 6-9 (Years 7 - 10), always for 45 minutes. Students may choose between the morning and noon lessons. Lessons are taught by qualified teachers specialising in Czech language and history. They are also responsible for the quality of education, schoolwork covered and knowledge obtained. Their main objective is to prepare students for their final written and oral exams. Written tests are taken twice a year, midway through the year and at the end of the school year, at our school. Final oral exams are taken once a year, in June, also at our school, this time in presence of teachers from the Filosofská Senior School.

How are pupils assessed?

At the end of every year, students will receive a standard Czech report, providing their assessment with respect to the subjects taught in the academic year in question under the Czech Programme. Assessment shall be executed using the classification scale excellent – failed (a report is issued by the Filosofská Senior School)


When you are interested in registering your child at the Filosofská Senior School (as a transfer to the senior stage of education, i.e. Classes 6 – 9; Years 7 – 10), you have to fill in the documents listed above and send them together with a copy of the last Czech school report to the offices of both schools.

Forms to be filled in:

application for transfer/acceptance to the Filosofská Senior School

pupil information sheet

an application for satisfaction of compulsory school education pursuant to Section 38 (in a special manner)

extended czech

Pupils in Year 7- 9 may choose to study the Czech language instead of one of their foreign languages (ie. French or German). For more details about this option, known as 'Extended Czech please click here.