English as an Additional Language - Primary

In an international environment, some children come to school with little or no English. At the Prague British School our English as an Additional Language programme (EAL) allows pupils to acquire the skills they need to communicate effectively in English. We provide high quality support, catering for differing levels of fluency.

Primary children with limited English are assessed by an EAL teacher, in liaison with the class teacher and parents, to determine the level of support they will need.

Children needing EAL support will be taught either individually or in small groups in a specialist EAL room, or be given support within their classroom in certain lessons. The type and amount of support is dependent on the level of English of the child in comparison to their age. It is agreed by the EAL teacher and class teacher and discussed with parents.

A detailed plan is put together by the EAL teacher, which is then discussed with parents each term and a written report provided three times a year.