Home-School-Home Bus transport

At both Vlastina and Kamyk schools we offer a Home-School-Home service for children aged 4 and above.

Our school bus services are all ‘two way’ services, picking your child up before the start of school and dropping them home at the end of the school day.

Children are collected outside their homes or occasionally a central pick up point is agreed.  There are generally thirteen bus lines covering most of the city (see the map below). There is a charge for this service which is outlined in the School Bus Application form below.

Please be aware the bus routes and timetables are subject to change during the school year.

School Buses

The school has a fleet of five mini buses,  four Mercedes-Benz Sprinters and one Mercedes Vito. All mini buses were made especially for the needs of our school and have comfortable seating for 22 children (Mercedes Vito - 8 seats).   All seats are equipped with three point seat belts and for smaller children we also use booster seats. The children can enjoy watching DVD’s during longer journeys. These school buses service 5 of our Home-School-Home lines. In addition they are used to take children for swimming lessons and on various school trips. The buses are fully equipped, air conditioned and have luggage space at the back. School buses are GPS monitored. The school employs qualified bus drivers with many years of experience. They are regularly trained and strictly observe the driving hours and rest time regulations.

External Buses

To offer flexible service and cover more areas of Prague, our school co-operates with external transport companies. A further 8 Home-School-Home lines are operated by our partner transport companies.

Arrival and Departure Times

The buses arrive to schools at 8:10-15 am and depart at the end of the school day at 3:20 pm. Please do note that children attending co-curricular activities after school need to be collected by parents or guardians as the bus leaves at the end of the standard school day. Kamyk parents can register children for separate AFTER CLUB bus service which leaves at 4.20pm and drops at Kačerov metro and Průhonice.


Information and Registration for Home-School-Home Service

The school accepts new children all year round. We recommend new families to check transport availability before renting a house/apartment. Parents should be aware that the bus timetables could be slightly changed if a new child is added on the bus line or parents cancel transport. Parents will be informed in time in case of any changes. For more information about bus lines in your locations, please do not hesitate to contact Soňa Nováková by e-mail on sona.novakova@pbschool.cz or telephone (+420 226 096 205 or +420 604 473862).

Cancellation of Home-School-Home Service

If you wish to cancel school transport during the school year, please do so in writing at least 14 days in advance (email: sona.novakova@pbschool.cz). For daily changes and cancellations for Primary school children, parents should inform school administrator 24 hours in advance.

School Bus Application

If you wish your child to use home-school-home service, please complete the Transport Information and Bus Aplication Form (in documents to download below) and send signed scan  to sona.novakova@pbschool.cz or submit it to any school office.

You will receive confirmation of the service with the timetable and detailed instruction by email.

Shuttle Bus (Kamýk site)

As alternative service we offer free shuttle bus service for children aged 5 and above. Please read information here. 

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Soňa Nováková by e-mail on sona.novakova@pbschool.cz or telephone (+420 226 096 205 or +420 604 473 862).

Documents to download