Mother Tongue Lessons

What are Mother Tongue Lessons?

MT Lessons are lessons which will be taught in the child’s home language. The lessons mainly focus on the development of speaking, listening, reading and writing. The lessons also develop the child’s knowledge of his or her country, focusing on themes relevant to the child’s homeland.

Who are Mother Tongue Lessons for?

Mother Tongue (MT) Lessons are available in both the Primary and Senior Schools. MT lessons are intended for students whose home language is neither English nor Czech (Czech students follow the Czech programme at PBS).

Why are Mother Tongue Lessons important?

There are many reasons why it is important for children to continue learning in their mother tongue, including:

  • Bilingualism has positive effects on children's linguistic and educational development.
  • Mother tongue promotion in the school helps develop not only the mother tongue but also children's abilities in the school language.
  • Children's mother tongues are fragile and easily lost in the early years of school.
  • Not keeping up with their mother tongue language will make it more difficult for children to communicate to family and friends back in their home country.

Mother Tongue Lessons Programme in 2nd term  

The MTL courses in the 2nd term will start in the second week of this academic year from Monday 8th to Friday 12th January 2018 in both Kamyk and Vlastina.

The actual language groups offered depends on the level of interest but there should be a minimum of 4 pupils in each class. Students will be grouped according to their age and language ability.

If you would like to register your interest in MT lessons please use the Application Form below and return it to Dan Škoda (contact below)

Schedule and frequency of lessons

Once or twice a week in the afternoons: (usually 15:00 - 16:00 - the actual days depend on demand and availability). Lessons will be held on a termly basis following the school calendar.

Lesson content

Each lesson will be divided into two parts. The first part will concentrate on the MT grammar, vocabulary and oral skills, whilst the second part will be devoted to learning about students' respective homelands.

Levels offered

Primary school students will be grouped as follows:

Lower level – Year 1 - 3                
Higher level – Year 4 - 6     
Mixed level - This level will be offered if there are insufficient pupils to form groups at different levels


Qualified and experienced native speakers of the MT.


PBS Kamýk and PBS Vlastina

Final Assessment

At the end of the academic year students will receive a course attendance certificate and a final report summarizing topics covered and what the child has achieved.


The price per student is as follows:

Annual fee in CZK

Annual fee in CZK

2nd term fee

2nd term fee





MTL Application form


Dutch Lessons

Please note: Dutch Lessons for Dutch students are held at PBS, however these are not taught as part of the PBS Mother Tongue Programme. For further information about Dutch lessons please click here.


If you would like to register your interest or if you have any questions about the Mother Tongue Programme please contact:

Dan Škoda,

Head of the International Language Centre of PBS, 

+420 226 096 173

+420 226 096 173