Our Mission, Vision and Aims

Mission Statement

At The Prague British School we provide each student with a broad and balanced education in a safe and supportive environment that promotes an enjoyment of learning, strong motivation and excellence. Working in close harmony with parents and the community, we enable students to reach their full potential and develop skills to become independent, self-sufficient adults who will succeed and contribute to a global society.

Our Vision

Our students want to be at PBS because the challenges and opportunities presented by our rich and varied curriculum enable them to achieve of their very best. In addition, PBS students acquire skills that allow them access to prestigious universities around the world.

Our staff want to be at PBS because we reward and support them to facilitate delivery of exciting dynamic lessons, as expected by our conscientious student body. Staff have clear and direct channels of communication to senior management and are involved in the decision making process.

Our parents want their children to be at PBS because the school offers a quality education that is unsurpassed in the Czech Republic and at the forefront of international education on a global scale. Parents are encouraged to question and understand the rationale of resourcing and have a voice in the strategic development of the school.

Our Aims

  1. School environment

    To provide a safe, secure, positive and enjoyable environment for the young people trusted to us.

  2. Learning achievement

    To help and encourage our students to achieve their highest level of academic success, by utilising the best features of the British educational system set in an international environment.

  3. Personal development

    To ensure that our young learners are well equipped for adult life by fostering self assurance, mutual respect and a sense of duty.

  4. Recognised Leader

    To ensure that The Prague British School continues as a leader in the national and international community.

  5. Financial Strength

    To maintain financial security and to sustain the ongoing development of the school and its facilities.

  6. Good employer

    To provide an environment that attracts and retains the highest calibre of staff and which encourages the continuing professional and personal development of the individual.

  7. Local Commitment

    To ensure that The Prague British School builds on its position of respect in the local community