PBS Friends

Who are we?

There is a PBS Friends group at both Vlastina and Kamyk sites. The role of PBS Friends is to:

  • Organise activities and events for students
  • Organise activities and events that bring parents and families of PBS students together.
  • Raise funds to ensure that Kamyk Friends can support its own events and activities
  • Link the PBS community with local charities

Everyone in PBS – parents, students, staff - is automatically a member of the PBS Friends.  


Committee roles are held by:

Kamyk Vlastina



You can contact Kamyk Friends by email at kamykfriends@pbschool.cz

  • Chair: Edyta Chmiel
  • Secretary: Juliana Aparo
  • Treasurer: Emma Rhind
  • Primary school events coordinators: Kyra Goos, Tanya Werkman, Cheryl Bagnall
  • Parents' events coordinators: Livia Grima Gomez (with support form Edyta Chmiel and Jana Mihalova)
  • Fundraising events coordinators: Judit Dsupin, Ildiko Borus Figusch 
  • Charity relationship lead: Jana Mihalova, Bohdana Zverinska
  • Heads of school: Paul Baker (with support from Timothy Bottomley)  and Mike Bardsley (with support from Marion Hamel)

Student representatives

Ada Halpin (Chair)

Zuzana Baker (Treasurer)

Katharine Meunier (School liaison)

Blanka Inward

Sandra Zazvonilová

Markéta Nejdlová

Eva Crosby

Adelina Stallebrass

Santie Rennie

ALREADY A PBS Parent? Get involved!

Click HERE (password required) to logon to my.pbschool.cz. In the VLE you will find the Friends Association pages with information on upcoming events, meetings and coffee mornings.