Primary Extra Curricular Activities

The Primary school offers a wide variety of optional extra-curricular activities and actively encourages children to take part.

The majority of the clubs are provided by PBS staff, however we also cooperate with a number of external groups to provide certain activities.

The list of clubs available in the Primary School varies from term to term. A list of clubs currently running in the Primary School is below. For more detailed information regarding the site and age group please contact the Admissions Office.

3D Modelling, Collage and Construction Club

Use different materials to construct your own model; cut and tear paper/pictures to make a collage; make your own Lego city!

Art & Craft Club

Have fun and improve your skills and creativity!


Come and learn or improve your badminton skills.

Ballet / Modern Dance

Come and have fun learning all the basic movements of ballet and modern dance, including how to choreoghraph a dance.


Learn the basics of basketball or improve your skills! Lots of drills in dribbling, passing and shooting as well as short games.

Board Games

Come and meet some new friends while having fun playing board games. You will also make your own board games!

Bobbin Lacing

Create your own handmade lace.

Book Writing Club

Be an author, and create your own stories and books.

Break Dance / Hip Hop

Attractive and fun lessons full of "cool" sets. Fun choreographies of popular dance groups.

Broadway Dance & Song

In this Broadway dance and song studio we dance, sing and have a blast! Broadway jazz steps and storytelling through dance plus some singing to go with it, make this class a perfect outlet for the more dramatic kids in the family.

Cheerleading Club

Cheerleading involves dance, tumbling and some stunts. It is a fun and sporty club where we will listen to lots of music and learn the basic elements involved in cheerleading.

Chess Club

Our aim is to teach children the basic rules and the strategy of chess but we also want them to keep a positive attitude towards the game and have a good time playing it!

Classical Ballet

Children will gain the correct posture as well as abilities such as coordination, expression of music by movement and the joy of classical choreography. Kids at all levels have an opportunity to perform at regular dance performances alongside their lecturers - professional ballerina.

Climbing Wall (Not in School)

During the course we will learn the principles of safety on a climbing wall, climbing the correct technique and we will develop your climbing prowess. Bouldering climbing form is carried out just above the ground, without the use of ropes.

Computing Science Club

Robotics, operating systems. come and learn all about computing science.

ČJ/M - příprava na zkoušky

Příprava žáků na zkoušky z českého jazyka a matematiky na české gymnázium.

Creative Art club

Come and make some lovely products like flower pots, decorate your own T-shirt, make some beads animals...during our club.

Cub Choir

Play musical games and sing fun (and sometimes silly) songs together! We will also have the opportunity to perform in assemblies and concerts.

Cycling Club

Have fun learning new skills on a bicycle (must bring your own bike and helmet!)

Czech Folk Dance

Popular lessons where the children will be introduced to traditional Czech music and Czech folk dances.

Czech for Foreigners

Introduction to the Czech language, simple phrases, games and colouring, everything taught in enjoyable way.

Dad's Football

Each Saturday morning a group of dads and teachers meet for an informal game of small-sided football. The standard is of mixed ability and is an enjoyable way to run off the stresses of the week. It takes place for two or three hours leading up to midday at the Kamýk site in Prague 4.

Dance Buffet

Dancing to new movements and learning what makes each dance style unique. Some of the dance styles: Street Dance, Boadway Musical, Salsa, Irish, Folk, Modern and Ballet.

Dračí doupě

Přidej se ke svým kamarádům na epickou výpravu v úžasné fantasy hře na hrdiny. Čekají tě nebezpečné úkoly, smrtonosné příšery a stvůry, tajemné poklady, kouzelné předměty a spousta další zábavy. Nebojíš se? Tak se přihlas. Svět Dračího doupěte čeká právě na tebe!

Drama Club

Are you a budding actor? Do you like to be on the stage? In drama club you'll get the chance to practise your drama skills and at the end of term we'll be putting on a play for our parents and friends.

Easter Show Club

Original script and songs to work on for this year's show - Check out the posters around school!

Floorball Club

Let's have some fun with playing FLOORBALL and be a great team player!


Learn and develop basic ball control, dribbling, turning and shooting through fun games and practices.

German Club

Learn German through songs and play.

Girls' Games club

Lots of fun activities and energetic games every week.

Group Music Lessons – Guitar, Piano, Recorder

Children, together with their friends, are introduced to the chosen musical instrument to gain a basic music education.


Learn the basics and improve your overall flexibility and strength.

Hama Piece Designs

Create different patterns and designs using Hama pieces. The children of all ages will enjoy to place the beads on the pegboards and then the products will be ironed by the teachers.

Hip Hop/Break/Street Dance

Attractive and fun lessons full of "cool" sets. Fun choreographies of popular dance groups.

Individual music lessons - all musical instruments

individual lessons will be by mutual arrangement. The music lessons can be also held at your home.

Infant Sports

Come and have fun trying a range of games and activities.


Through basic principles of judo, we are teaching our students to discipline and mutual respect. Kids will mainly play and learn the basics of gymnastics, orient themselves in space, cooperate with other children and develop dexterity by playing games.

Juggling Club

Come to learn how to juggle in a fun way: Devil stics, diablo, Poi and balls!

Junior "K" Warriors

Junior 'K-Warriors' is a 'traditional' form of Mixed Martial Arts training program that teaches age appropriate exercises and technical skills from a variety of traditional martial arts such as Karate, Jiu-Jitsu and Judo.

Junior Choir

Love to sing? Join the PBS Junior Choir. Come and sing a range of different songs in a fun and relaxed environment. We will also have the opportunity to perform in assemblies and concerts.


For those interested in martial arts!

Lab Science

Potentially explosive science using the new senior school science laboratory!

Little Scientist

If your dream is to be a little scientist come to this club and we can work on it. In this club we will try a lot of different experiments and see how they work.

Maths Investigators

Can you solve mysteries and conundrums in a creative way? Apply your maths skills and think outside the box to complete the practical challenges and WOW your friends!

Model Transport Making / Engineering Club

Come and make a wooden glider plane, a junk model boat and a model car using wood.

Mosaics and Art

Creating patterned picture frames, making fabulous mosaic placemats, decorating jewellery boxes.

MTV Dance Years 3-7

Attractive and fun lessons full of "cool" sets. Fun choreographies of popular dance groups.

Music & Folk Dancing

Singing mainly Czech folk songs accompanied by little dances.

Music Atelier

Music Ateliers are a suitable introduction for further music and dance education. Entertaining and playful way to develop children´s music perception and coordination with movement.

Newspaper Club

The school newspaper, The PBS Roar, is entering its third year this year. If you are interested in the news, writing about school events and developing your skills as a journalist then this is the club for you.

Outdoor Adventure Club

Outdoor play and discovery. Outdoor activities and games.

Outdoor games

Come and enjoy your time outside. Getting fit and having fun!

PBS Parent Choir

Are you a parent/carer/friend of a child at PBS? Do you like to sing in the shower? In the bath? In the car? If YES, then you should come along and sing with the PBS Parent Choir. No ability needed, just lots of enthusiasm!

Playground Games

Each week we will learn a different fun game. Plenty of exercise and fresh air in our great playground.

Rock Band

The club is open to anyone who wants to play their instrument or sing in a rock band. We will work with the children on selecting a piece of music for them to perform or they could write their own song!

Rounders (and other playground games)

Come and play rounders in the playground. Rounders is a kind of baseball which involves throwing and catching, hitting the ball with a bat and you have to be fast and do lots of running. If the weather is getting colder we will do lots of other playground games.

Saturday Football Training

The football course runs for 20 weeks of the year and the training sessions will be provided by 3 U.E.F.A qualified football coaches. The course will cover the different age related skills, techniques and tactics required to help develop your child's individual and team based football skills.

Saturday Gymnastics Training at Kamýk (Years 1-2)

The gymnastics course runs throughout the year and will be led by a qualified gymnastics coach. The course focuses on physical strength, flexibility, agility, coordination, balance and creating choreographies. The training sessions will be held at the PBS Kamyk site in Prague 4 in the gym.

School Newspaper/Magazine: Vlastina Bureau

Be the ´Vlastina Correspondents´and contribute articles and pictures from Vlastina to the senior school newspaper.

Science Club

Exploration of a wide variety of topics through experiments, books and videos. We may even create videos documenting our own experiments!

Singers Unlimited

Come and join this fantastic group of singers! Opportunities for performance in and out of school, including a gig at the "Meet Factory" in April 2016!


Create fabulous drawings. Learn the basics step by step.

Skipping Club

Jumping rope is one of the best exercises to improve condition, coordination, creativity and concentration. In Skipping club we will learn to do single rope, pair work and double dutch. Besides jumping rope we practice basic gymnastics we also improve performing skills and improve footwork, and learn some extraordinary tricks.

Stage Stars Film Club

We teach students about film and TV world. We do this by developing basic acting techniques specific to camera work, acting on camera or taking on a role of a director or cameraman. Students get opportunity to develop story lines and work on projects together. For info contact or 776 605 944. All club fees to be paid to the club provider.

Study Skills

Improve your handwriting, practise times tables, play vocabulary games or simply enjoy reading a book.

Sunday Tennis Training

The 10 week tennis training course focuses on physical strength, co-ordination with a tennis racket and a ball and on enjoyment of the game of tennis. Each session is held at the PBS Kamýk site in Prague 4.


For beginners & advanced swimmers. Children will be transported to the pool. For further information please contact : 777 274 275. All club fees to be paid directly to the club provider.

Tag Rugby

Come and learn how to play tag rugby. A non-contact great game suitable for boys and girls.

Tennis Club

Tennis training focuses on physical strengths, co-ordination with a tennis racket and a ball and on enjoyment of the game of tennis.

Ultimate Sports Club

Come and learn a variety of sports from frisbee, rounders, tennis, cricket and more!

Visual Arts Lessons

The chief aim of these lessons is to demonstrate the variety of colors and shapes surrounding us, to help you find your definition of beauty and your own visual perception of our world. For further information please contact: +420 731 445 213  (731 445 215) All club fees to be paid directly to the club provider.

Wisdom for Kids

Your child has the opportunity to attend a program that will explode their potential and open them up to world of information. This is fun, story-based mentoring program that helps your child to handle the ups and downs of growing up, create powerful self-esteem and self-confidence, think for themselves and make good decisions and go for their dreams and make them happen. For further info please visit: All club fees to be paid directly to club provider.


Fun yoga style exercises and games to relax and enhance flexibility