School Trips - Senior

Outside Learning (School Trips)

Outside learning is a vital part of a child’s education.  The development of the whole individual is key to our mission at PBS.  Outside learning or “school trips” are integral to this.

In the Senior School in recent years school trips have gone to destinations as far afield as Hong Kong and Malaysia.  We do a number of trips to popular European destinations.

What sort of trips do we offer?

In addition to the sporting trips offered by many schools we also run a number of trips in other areas.  Notably: debating, cultural exchanges, history, drama, music, science.

It is likely that your child will have the opportunity to be involved in one or more outside learning activities during each school year.

Residential Trips

Each year students up to the end of Year 9 take part in a residential trip towards the end of the year.  Whilst this trip is not compulsory it is recommended that each child will take part.