What our Parents Say

While we hope this website helps explain why we really are a ‘school where people want to be’ we strongly recommend a personal visit to PBS.  We suggest trying to visit in term time during the school day however we are happy to welcome prospective parents to the school at any time.

The majority of our new families choose our school having received a personal recommendation from current PBS parents, whether from a friend, neighbour, colleague or employer.

Below are some comments from our current parents (extracts from the annual parents’ survey):

  • The school visit is paramount as it is when as a parent you get the "feeling" of a school : are the staff  welcoming/ seem happy, are the children behaving/seem happy, is the school clean, the papers/drawings appealing etc.?
  • Independent inspection for me is extremely important and it was the final deciding factor for me, in deciding to send my child to PBS
  • PBS was the first choice - I got the recommendation from the colleague.
  • We have been advised to transfer our daughter from another international school in Prague to the PBS and it was an excellent decision.
  • I am overall very happy with the PBS school, teachers, facilities and especially the PBS spirit. I would wish to take more active part in school "life".
  • Very happy with staff, quality of education, level of teaching.
  • We are very happy with the school and the way we have been welcomed into the PBS community. The Head and teachers are all very friendly and approachable and we look forward to the next school year.
  • I am very pleased with PBS, I think it is a lovely, friendly and happy place for them to be.
  • I really like the school and our children are happy there.
  • We are more than satisfied with PBS. The boys (6 and 8) were comfortable within a few weeks. The EAL support is super and the communication with the teachers and staff is open and easy to approach. We are really really pleased with PBS and will keep telling everyone what a great school it is.
  • We are very happy indeed, especially with the kind way in which the teachers deal with the children. We also like the nature of the teaching and the schools' many initiatives - shows, events, away-days... it's a first-class education.
  • a friendly atmosphere for kids and parents....they care about us:-) A place where you are heard....listened to when needed. Well trained/educated staff. Professional approach. Kids are happy to go to school.
  • We are so glad that our son attending PBS school. I have no complaints, so you are realy doing a great job. Unfortunately we are leaving PBS and also Prague in December. Thank you for everything.
  • I believe that PBS has a strong and positive culture.  I have been extremely happy with every aspect of the school but particularly the positive attitude of the staff.
  • I particularly am impressed with the relationships between the children which seems to transcend age barriers; children are able to communicate and play with older and younger friends.  When I was at school each year was independent from the rest and I think children benefit immensely from having relationships with other children outside their own peer group.
  • I am delighted with PBS and I appreciate the warm welcome we have been given. My daughters have settled very quickly and speak very positively about all aspects of the school.  They are confident and happy in their new environment and their teachers have been kind and considerate to their emotional and learning needs.
  • I was extremely impressed with the summer show and other events that have taken place this term.
  • We are very satisfied parents who want to support the efforts of the PBS staff by all means available and possible (it has already been so). Many thanks and congratulations on your enthusiasm! Have a nice summer, you deserve it!
  • Vlastina sold itself - we immediately felt at home and part of the Vlastina Family. This is a wonderful school.
  • The Prague British School had the best response to queries of any of the Prague schools we contacted.

Additionally we ask leaving families to reflect on their time at PBS. Below are some comments from recent leavers:

We would like to take the opportunity of thanking everybody without exception at Vlastina for making our son feel so welcome, safe and happy. Nicholas has attended 4 schools before PBS, and we all agree that none come close across the board in comparison.

The facilities are super, the clubs are really something Nic enjoyed thoroughly, the teachers are never more than a phone call away and go way above and beyond the call of duty, the administrative staff are fantastic.

What we like:

  • The high quality sports facilities and the varied nature of the sports programme.
  • The varied play opportunities in the playground
  • The friendly environment of the school, with emphasis on good behaviour.
  • Good security
  • Having daily informal contact with the children's teachers at drop off and pick up.
  • Family involvement through e.g. family fun day, Vlastina Friends, coffee mornings.
  • Professional and caring teachers - special mention to Mrs Payne, Mr Romans and Ms Privara, who have been wonderful class teachers and Mr Hayes for his sports lessons and Saturday football training.
  • Latest format of reports, which are now easy to understand and give helpful analysis of the pupil's performance."

We have been very happy having Jan in your school. Jan has learned not only the English language but many other competencies and was able to achieve very high results. The school has provided him excellent opportunity to live among the international community and learn to know different cultures. The level and ability of the school teachers and the other school staff has been on a high international standard. Regarding other aspects of the PBS we believe that the way the school is communicating with parents and all others concerned via emails has been excellent. We have suffered all 6 years (primary school) because of the school location since we live in Prague 9 and each Day we spend more than 2 hours (back and forth) just for transport.

What I like the most:
the friendly and happy atmosphere, strong academics, the teachers’ professional approach, the structure and sense of direction where to lead children’s education, IPC for the primary kids, great playgrounds and sporting fields, wearing uniforms (Vlastina), Burns supper

Starting with the most important part - our children - we have been impressed with the efforts of the teachers to get our boys up to speed in terms of English lessons, and also in terms of making them feel ''at home'' in the school. This is the first time they left their home country, and the PBS staff have really set a high standard for any future experiences!

One of the reasons we have chosen the PBS before we arrived in Prague, is its reputation of a school where a minimum of discipline is still expected from pupils (and parents). We have not been disappointed, and we found it very pleasant to see that the standards set at school also made it easier for us to spontaneously obtain (or improve) equally disciplined behaviour at home and in informal get-togethers of the children.

Finally, the cherry on the cake for us as parents is that the PBS is really actively building a community of pupils, parents and staff, which we have enjoyed through the various activities. As you can probably read, the PBS made a really positive impression on our family, and therefore, in name of Cedric, Manu and ourselves, we would like to thank you very much for everything you did for us in the past 6 months!